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Urgent Tender Courier Service

Tender Delivery Courier Service

Many times it happens that people complete their business documentations such as tenders, business proposals etc on last dates and not able to submit right on time. 24-7 Couriers provide perfect solution for such people with their tender delivery courier service. With our business courier services we enable our clients to meet deadlines and increase profits of their business. Through our efficient and reliable courier services we deliver tenders for large number of clients and our clientele is evidence of their trust on our quality courier services.
Many corporate clients have used different other overnight courier services and experienced horrible failures. Whether the worth of tender is high or low we value each consignment individually and ensure satisfaction of clients through quick courier services with help of dedicated van and man service.

Benefits of courier service for delivery of tenders

Corporate clients are well aware of significance of on time delivery of important business documents to required locations especially tenders. These tenders can not only bring more profits for your organisation and on time submission of these tenders also builds your reputation of your business in the industry. Delivery of tenders through reliable courier services offers following advantages:

  • You do not have to bother about last day submission of your tender as prompt delivery of your documents is our responsibility.
  • You do not have to spare extra time from your busy business activities especially for submission of tenders and thus, you can save good  amount of time by acquiring our competent services of courier for tenders.
  • If you have remain engaged in your business for some time and finished completed documentation right on the last day, you can call our efficient couriers to transport your package to required destination within same day.

Why Choose 24-7 Courier Service?

We believe in understanding need of our clients and to use all our best possible resources to meet all requirements professionally and successfully. Our services offer following benefits for our corporate clients:

  • Our dedicated drivers transport your tender as soon as package is collected from your doorstep and respond back with name of recipient as soon as package is received at destination.
  • Client is informed immediately about delivery of their package along with information of recipient through SMS, email and phone call by our representatives. POD is also provided after completion of delivery.
  • Our fleet of vehicles is comprised of wide range of vehicles that ensure quick delivery of your tender including bikes that ensure fast courier within same city.
  • Our 24-7 available service enable you to contact us whenever you want and wherever you need irrespective of holidays or any other events.
  • Our regular corporate clients can enjoy various discounts offers and online booking facility for delivery of their important tenders.
If you want to progress with courier service from 24-7 Couriers for delivery of your important tenders you can email our instant quote service and our cost effective service with quality and standards will certainly compel you to use our services again and again.